West End Night Market

Parking your vehicle
Our friends at Star Parking have ample parking nearby (see map) and they have agreed to extend the 40% discount we’ve had the past ten years at our former location! Payment is collected by a Star attendant or you can use the electronic payment kiosks which accept cash, credit cards and change. Parking WITHOUT the discount code is $5. Use the discount code to receive the $2 discount and park for $3.

To receive the $2 discount code for parking, send request to parking@sidewalksale.com

There are metered parking spaces on the streets. The meters accept change only and rates are posted on the meter. Be aware that the
Dallas Parking Police are on patrol Friday night and Saturday and you will likely receive a Parking Citation if the meter is not paid.

There is no free parking in this area of Dallas. Most downtown parking lots are PRIVATE PROPERTY and you are subject to being fined, booted or towed if you do not pay to park.
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